Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4-19-11 Mesocycle 2/Block 4/Week 6/Upper&Lower #2

Got up at 4:45 to hunt, got rained on, long day at work, surprised how good I felt though.

Pause Squat x 2 @ 9-10 w/5% fatigue:
365 @ 8
405 @ 8
445 @ 9
465 @ 9.5
480 @ 9.5 (this felt really light; I had some spotters and several people watching so the adrenaline kicked in and I was probably good for a 3rd rep...this is some kind of PR I think).
455 @ 10

Bench x 2 @ 9-10:
275 @ 8
300 @ 9
320 @ 10
320 @ 10 (real grinder)
Did a set with 225 for like 5 reps.

My form on bench sucks...very weak.

Did some abs and a few sets of db press (got 100's for 12 on db press).

In case it isn't obvious, this is my low volume peaking "routine" I'm doing and doing all my lifts in a day (I hadn't planned on this, but due to time constraints I'm doing it this way). Friday I'll do some heavy squats low volume and work up to some light deads...probably like 545 x 2 or something, then not dead at all until the meet. Bench I'm just going to go by feel and try not to aggravate my forearm and shoulder issues. At this point I'll be lucky to get 335 at the meet. Will probably go something like 315, 335, 350 but unless I get some crazy boost in strength in the next week that 350 isn't very likely. Got my singlet today though!

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