Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4-26-11 Test Openers

First warmup squat of 455 didn't look deep enough, so I hit it again, then finished with my planned opener of 480. I think depth was good on these, if I can sit back better I will have it easy. For warmups, I plan on stretching out with the bar, doing a couple sets with the bar, couple sets of 3-5 at 135, couple sets of 2-5 of 225, set of 2 at 315, single of 405, single of 455.

Bench was ok...pauses sucked so I ended up doing 3 sets with my planned opener of 320. Warmups will be the bar for several sets, a few sets of 3-5 at 135, a few sets of 2-5 at 225, one single of 265, one single of 295.

Deads were ok, pretty speedy on video. Will do triples at 135 and 225, then double 315, then single 405 and 495, and open with 550.

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  1. you have very good form ! nice depth on the squats bro