Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Writeup, NASA NM Open and HS State Championship, Gallup, NM 4-30-11

I wrote this up on but I'll go in a bit more detail here since this is my log. Drove to Gallup, NM and started cutting water on the way because I really wasn't sure where I would be at in the morning...

It ended up being a 3.5 hour drive give or take. I stopped in ABQ to pick up my meet slave (a rockabilly type chick that I been seein a bit) and we stayed the night in Gallup. I was amazed at the sleep I got...If I'm nervous I never sleep, and with a new lady cuddling I never sleep, but I managed to avoid a lot of cuddling and did my own thing. Woke up and eventually found meet people at the high school...this was more difficult than expected but a story for another time.

After registering or w/e I weighed in at 238.9 lbs, and immediately chugged a 1/4 gallon of my homemade drink (gatorade, water, amino acids, caffeine) and had a banana and protein/granola bar. I measured my squat height with sandals and after warming up decided to take it down a notch.

They had rules meeting and I was just bored and waiting to lift. They had a flight of curlerz for the powersports thing I guess, and during that time I warmed up squats (there was to be one flight). I felt stretched and warm right away and barely did what I had posted a few days ago as my plan; fewer reps and fewer sets than I had planned, but I squat enough to know what gets me ready. Ended up doing singles of 405-455-405 to finish. Opened with 480ish and smashed it, followed up with 512ish and because of my feedback, went for a 540. I was pretty confident and I sunk it pretty good and it was easier than my high 520 a few months ago (20 lb {PR). People were impressed by my form and depth. The dude that would later bench 550ish and change single ply at 198 stopped me in the hall to shake my hand for respect on my squatting. Later in the meet the judge that would fail me on bench asked if "are you an oly lifter" and "where did you learn to squat". lol...I just thought to myself, "I learned from the internet". I actually said that in not so few words.

I was in the 3rd of 3 flights of bench which really sucked. Did basically what I had posted earlier working up to singles of 265-295-295. I rested nearly the entire 2nd flight and then opened with 320ish...smashed it but was not ready for the commands at all. Failed cuz I jumped the first one. The lovely announcer (Teale Adelman who later got some awesome records on equipped push/pull...she deadlifted over 400) asked if I wanted to stay...I shook my head in disgust damn well knowing this could ruin my meet if I failed the next one. I think because I jumped the 1st attempt command, the head judge gave me a strict pause, which I barely got at 336. I was trying not to cramp up on that attempt because I still had high hopes for getting it easy and getting as tight as possible on my last one. On my last attempt of 347ish I got tight and was ready for it, nailed the lift and touched the rack...FAIL! Later on I talked to the head judge and he (who seemed strict) admitted that was a grey area, but because I had jumped the opener command, they assumed that's what I was doing there (jumping the rack command...notice that I never racked and that I only moved back). I can't be sure what happened, I just know I fucked that up.

There were 2 flights of deads, and I was mad enough that I was ready to do work. At this point, based on what I had seen and the guy closest to me's dead opener posted, I knew that I was close to the highest coefficient. Did some bar work, 135 for a few reps, 225 for a few, 315 for a few, and then over a fairly long waiting period did 355, 415, 495 for singles. Opened with 550 and change and got it easy, then got 590ish easy, and then 622ish. This was the highest by far and over the mic the guy asked if it was an American record. I didn't care and if I did, I KNEW the open 242 record was well above 630ish, so I just bertstared. They gave me a 4th just in case, and I asked if it would count towards my total and he said "if no one else is in your division". I felt awkward about this because it was kind of against the rules? I mean this was not a truly legal lift based on the rules, but I was pumped, had the whole crowd behind me, and wanted to smash a I chose 639 and change, and got it!

I did end up getting highest men's unequipped coefficient which was awesome cuz I didn't use wraps. Some old women told my lady that I had a nice bod and that "he should really use wraps" lmao. They did include my 4th attempt in my coefficient, which is BS. I feel kind of bad cuz it wasn't really in the rules but I don't really care I guess. I may have got the best coefficient anyways and it was a huge PR.

It was really fun and I thought it was well run. Met lots of great people and love PLing all the more now.

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