Saturday, April 23, 2011

4-22-11 Last Heavy Day

My last heavy day before next saturday's meet. I'll test my openers Tuesday or Wednesday...maybe do a rehab-type workout once or twice next week. Felt strong on this day so I dunno if I want to change anything up too much.

Bench x 2 @ 9-10:
Did this on a narrow, more firm bench. I found that if I really squeeze my shoulder blades together on the descent, it reduces my ROM a little bit and makes the press easier. I dunno if this was from the narrow bench or the fact that it is stiffer or what.
275 @ easy
305 @ 8
325 @ 9
340 @ 10 (spotter touched the bar, but I had this in the bag. Since he touched it, I won't call it a PR though...first rep flew up though)
225 x 10

Squat x 2 @ 9-10:
405 @ easy
455 @ 8
495 @ 9 (PR)
Cut it here cuz the tendinitis/CS was raging...more on this later.

Deads x 2, worked up to a surprisingly tough 505 x 2. Not worried, 505 feels like 565 to me most of the time when I feel good.

Bench was really strong and I don't know what to expect at my meet. Could do a beastly 360, might fail on my 2nd, who knows. The tendinitis came on strong so I did some curls at the end and took an ibuprofen. I smashed some beer cans later and it really got inflamed. Will take it easy and rehab it. If I feel the slightest bit of it when I test my openers I might not bother.

Squat felt really strong. Form was really good and my depth has been great (not totally sure on this days sets, but the 495 x 2 I hit before was same depth I'd imagine and harder).

I'm thinking:
480-515-535+ on squat
320-340-350+ on bench
550-585-600+ on deadlift

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