Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2-1-11 Mesocycle 2/Block 2/Week 2/Upper #1

Bench x 3 @ 9-10 w/7% fatigue:
265 @ easy
285 @ 8
300 @ 9
310 @ 9.5
290 @ 9
290 @ 9.25

Feeling pretty good strength-wise, but that tendinitis is fucking killing.  I'm almost near where I was before...probably about 15-20 lbs off my previous max (sitting at about 335-340 now).

Paused Decline DB Press:
4 x 5, 5, 5, 3.5 x 90's, 100's, 110's, 110's

Skinny handles on the 110's and an awkward setup made it much more difficult than I had wanted.

5 x 6 x BW, 10, 10, 10, BW

JM Press:
5 x 6 x 135 (wide), 155 (medium), 155 (medium), 155 (close), 155 (close 8 reps)

Light side raises.  Headed to CA tomorrow...IF my flight don't get the cancel.


  1. where are you flying out? our main airport had only one or two flights take off tonight because mother nature is a bitch. are you sure you should keep working out with tendinitis?

  2. ABQ through LAS to SJO. I should be good, but will find out soon.

    Well I already took some time off and it had gone away. I lost a lot of strength, gaining it back, and thus far isn't as bad as it was. Playing it by ear for now.

    Don't for get to click ads when you get a chance guys! Thanks!

  3. Some really nice lifts there.

  4. nice strength