Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2-7-11 Mesocycle 2/Block 2/Week 3/Lower #1

Squat x 5 @ 9-10 w/3% fatigue:
315 @ easy
355 @ 8.5
375 @ 10
365 @ 9.25
365 @ 9.25

Deads x 2 @ 9-10:
315 @ easy
365 @ easy
405 @ easy
455 @ 7
515 @ 10
Started sneaking a little chalk on 455.  Some dude was doing rack pulls (REALLY high rack pulls...like 2 in ROM) a few racks down from me...loading up a shit ton of weight and slamming it.  Drew attention from manager who caught him with chalk.  Once I was loading up weight he came over and chatted for a second like he was something.  I was just alpha and mostly bertstared him.  Was kinda pissed that he drew that attention so I had to be sneakier with chalk, and therefore grip was failing on the 515. 

3 x 6 x 135 (6 reps each leg)
Bout got pinned lol...5 rep squats kill.

Leg Curls...gay as F...didn't know where I could do GHR's or anything so just did these.  Some beta phaggot took the machine in between my sets and I was pretty pissed about it.  I took it back shortly after.

Decline Abs to side...several sets...was tough.


  1. Nice lifts! My roommate just hit 300 for reps on his front squat, he was jacked up about it.

  2. Thanks! The fibraz on my bi's are too jacked to allow for front squats. lol...but seriously I can't keep the weight up past 275. I wish I could...gave up on them a while back.

  3. u should have knocked that guy out with your jacked fibraz

  4. You're telling me bro...I would have but I can't be getting kicked out of that gym until my week membership is up.