Saturday, February 12, 2011

2-11-11 Mesocycle 2/Block 2/Week 3/Upper and Lower #2

Decided to lump my upper and lower workouts so that I could get a solid 3 day rest (flying home monday and won't be able to lift) and my one-week membership was up this day.  Decided to do a 10% fatigue so I could get the most out of the 3-day recovery.

Rack Pulls (a bit lower than my home gym) x 2:
315 @ easy
405 @ 6
455 @ 7
Quit here cuz grip was slipping and didn't want to bother sneaking chalk.  Could have gone all day at 455 but I wanted to do more weight.  Anyways today was supposed to have a lower back focus and I knew I would get that with the pause squats:

Pause Squats x 5 @ 9-10 w/10% fatigue:
275 @ easy
315 @ 8 (probably wasn't staying tight enough)
345 @ 9
365 @ 9.75
355 @ 10
330 @ 10

OHP x 5 @ 9-10 w/10% fatigue:
135 @ easy
155 @ 9.5 (was a little tight and breathing kind of funny)
165 @ 9.75
155 @ 9
150 @ 9
150 @ 9.5

Was going to do paused incline DB Press but my left pec was hurting like a bitch.

One-Arm Rows:
5 x 8 x 80's, 100's, 100's, 100's, 100's

Will do these more often cuz today is the first day in a long time I have a good upper back soreness PWO.

4 x 6 x 225, 255, 275, 275

Did these facing the mirror.  This was the first time I can confirm good form on these, and 275 is the most I've done without pins.  Feelsrealgoodman.jpg

Front raises:
5 x 6 x 30's, 35's, 40's, 45's, 45's

Decline Abs:
5 x 6 x 25 (adjusted angle to make each set tough)

Curls on the left to get dat der symmetry.

Back to incline press for:
3 x 12, 10, 8 x 80's

2.25 hrs or so in there...was beat hardcore.


  1. Nice lifts, especially the pause squats!

  2. good job on getting the good form with the good mornings

  3. Thanks Zoe! These are fairly short pauses though...just a split second longer than a full, motionless pause, and then I concentrate on exploding.

    Thanks Chris.

    Jordan...yeah I have been second guessing myself since I went to a low bar position on them. I wasn't sure if I was getting low enough but looking in the mirror it appeared that I was.